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Custom construction solutions

910 Central Pkwy W. Mississauga, ON. L5C 2V5
Phone: 905-564-6700 | Toll Free: 866-811-8111


To produce a final product which meets your precise specifications, Provincial Store Fixtures offers customized solutions in millwork, metal, glass, plastics, and any other type of median which may be required. This is enabled by the strong relationships we maintain with our selected group of suppliers.

To create a look which caters to their needs without them having to worry about being a part of the fabrication nuances, the company knows that our clients need flexibility and a creative approach to their projects. To ensure that our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that each of their products will be completed to their satisfaction while meeting our standards of excellence, Provincial Store Fixtures provides a turnkey service.


As part of our process of meeting client’s expectations, while leading each project to successful completion, Provincial Store Fixtures has perfected a streamlined process of the steps which will need to be taken.


To put together an execution plan for your product, our skilled design and engineering team collaborates with architects, interior designers, store planners and retail in-house staff designers. Our skilled engineers provide shop drawings which display assembly details, finishing joints and materials to be used for each project, or, in the case of more complex assemblies, 3D modelling.

Our plans detail the production of various factors involved in creating your final product, including:

  • working drawings
  • renderings
  • prototypes
  • fabrication
  • installation

Additionally, our design team offers a computer draw rendering service which provides you with an almost identical photographic representation of what your product will look like so that you can fully view every aspect.


A leader in adapting technology, Provincial Store Fixtures aims to listen closely to clients’ needs. We seek to determine the best methodology to increase cost-effectiveness for clients while maintaining the high standards, functionality and design intent they have come to expect, using our technical expertise and practical experience.

Our Engineering Department consistently aims to improve product value and test their own limits. To design each product specifically to your requirements, the engineering team systematically follows a multi-stage job plan.


We aim to maintain an integrated system which ensures that the final product not only meets but goes beyond client expectations, through our quality assurance standards. Our belief is that it is better to install clients with the attitude of Expecting high quality, rather than needing to Inspect quality.


With our highly-efficient Logistics department, along with our new 160,000 square foot facility, Provincial Store Fixtures has the capacity to store finished product in optimal humidity and temperature conditions, as well as providing dock to dock and inside delivery.

Provincial Store Fixtures can meet the complete needs of the retail industry – from single store fixture installations to national rollouts. We have facilitated efficient and timely nationwide rollouts for companies throughout the United States under the guidance of our top-notch team of professional leaders. With our attentive, proficient project managers who are willing to go beyond to make sure each job is done properly, we aim to make sure that each project is completed above the client’s expectations.


Always meeting the strictest safety policies and code of conduct, our team of Installers from across North America not only possesses passion towards their work but is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Possessing the skill and mindset of true artists, our installers do not consider a project to be completed until it meets their high level of standards.


Provincial Store Fixtures is passionate about adhering to and encouraging the principles of one of the most important trends in the industry: Eco-Sustainable Design. With a team of staff which is knowledgeable on the format and documentation required for LEED registered projects, and the systems in place to support any requirements which arise, these principles continue to influence both our internal practices and our added service to clients.

Provincial Store Fixtures provides unique architectural construction solutions across Canada and the USA to each client’s needs in Custom Millwork, Metal, Plastics, Glass and any other median required to make your dream a reality. With our team of experienced engineers, project managers, woodworkers, shippers, and installers, we ensure that each project is held to the highest of expectations and carried out with the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Whether it is retail, institutional, hospitality, entertainment or corporate, we’ve got you covered!

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